Sunday, March 1, 2009

Artist Statement

I explore the value of found objects in everyday life, and understand the hidden meaning of materials by assembling, grouping, clustering, and piling multiples of them together. When I accumulate untraditional and mundane objects in my jewelry, they become precious. I am currently creating jewelry from collections of non-precious materials such as beans, corn, straws, pins, nails, velcro, snaps, cable ties, and electronic wires. Magnets and dried beans are my precious gems and pins and straws are my polished gold. The familiar becomes extraordinary. Through repetitions and the act of connecting, I construct work surprisingly beautiful on the body and profoundly transforms parts into a fresh whole.

My work introduces unconventional use of familiar artifacts into a world full of conventions. My finished pieces provide the wearer with an unfamiliar experience. Working with mundane elements makes my work accessible to more people. I want the wearer to display and witness a transformation of materiality. My jewelry has a life of its own, and wants to interact with the wearer.
-Yong Joo Kim (2009 spring)

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  1. Hi Yong Joo,

    This is a great text. It clearly and strongly introduces your work, and makes me curious to see more!