Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Artist Statement

Think of beans, straws, pins, nails, velcro, snaps, cable ties, and
electric caps. These objects are not normally considered beautiful or
valuable. I explore the value of such mundane objects, and discover
their hidden beauty through a process of reconfiguration. I pay close
attention to the objects and their system of organization in my
environment. I bring in new ways of looking at these objects by
creating relationships among them. My work introduces unconventional use of familiar artifacts into a world full of conventions.

By assembling, grouping, clustering, and piling, the simple elements
become complex, and give rise to the unexpected. As the wearer
approaches my work, the experience of perspective shifts and sudden
realizations spark wonder, discovery, tension, joy and play. My
investigation of creation, innovation, and transformation questions
the definition of value, and provides a never-ending field for
Yong Joo 2009

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