Tuesday, December 22, 2009

posting news at Design milk.com

There are so many design blogs and websites. Sometimes, I am quite overwhelmed by information because I feel like having a real pressure to catch up on everything. I recently found out about the design milk website and I have been enjoying their postings regularly. I like the way they categorized the sections such as art, architecture, style and fashion, etc to navigate the website. It 's easy to read postings and catch up something that I am interested in.
A few days ago, I was going to look for something on design milk.com. So I went to their first page.
As their page was loading I literally screamed out loud! Oh wait! I had to check the posting out again! Guess what? My name and my work was on display! It was such a great moment to see my work on their website! It was fun to run into something like that unexpectedly!
Thank you Design Milk for supporting my work!

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