Wednesday, January 13, 2010

"The Present"

Holiday Sale at GalleryHL in Korea.
My dearest friend, Hwa, just opened a contemporary jewelry gallery in Seoul, Korea. As far as I know, In Seoul, there is no contemporary jewelry gallery for carrying international jewelry artists' work. This is the first contemporary jewelry gallery in Korea. This gallery will provide a wonderful opportunity to share all the work with the people in Korea. Also, international emerging artists can have a chance to step into the art market in the Asia.
I am so happy for her! She sent me these images! Her gallery looks awesome!   Over 10 artists from all over the world are participating in the holiday sale show, "The Present". I am pleased to join this show.

Right now, Mellisa J Tyson is having a show called "Silver and Steel". She is so talented!! If you are in Korea, you should check out this show and gallery! I am really looking forward to visiting the gallery this summer!

* Guys, just so you know, English is my second language, so please bear with me if my grammar is weird! :)

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