Saturday, March 20, 2010


After I finished a series of neck pieces made out of beans, I heard that some of my friends from Korea kept saying,"it reminds me of Meju." So finally, I had a chance to look up images of Meju.

This is called Meju in Korean. Meju is a brick of dried soybeans for making sauce like Doen-Jang, soy sauce or Go-chu-Jang(hot pepper paste).

photo :"

After reviewing the images of Meju, my childhood memories came to me. During Chusug, which is like Thanksgiving, I used to go to my relative's house in the countryside of Korea. My grandma used to make Meju and dry them at home. She hung the Meju outside the window, and I didn't like the smell. I couldn't breathe next to the Meju, because the smell was soooooooo stinky! Moreover, I thought Meju was really ugly. However, time went by, I grew up and now I love them. I love the smell, taste, and even the shape and form. I didn't realize that how beautifully they hung. I guess the memory of Meju was deeply embedded in my heart, and it came to me subconsciously as my inspiration while making my pieces.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Map magazine from Australia

I had an interview with Map magazine a few months ago. Now the interview is in the March 2010 Issue.
The editor, Mikki Brammer , sent the magazine for me from Australia. I am so pleased to have a copy of the magazine!! Thank you so much! I really like the title, Global Dreamer. : ) 

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Studio : My little work space

After I finished grad school, I decided to stay in Providence. So, I set up my work space at home.
I wish I had a separate studio to set up all my tools and equipments. But I can't afford to do that since my business is in its infancy. There is also another reason not to buy big and heavy tools. I live by myself, and I always get stressed out when I have to think about moving. I came to the U.S with two big suitcases and one small suitcase. Now, I can't imagine how I am going to move!!!. So even though I have so many things on my wish list, I am not buying them. : )

Although it doesn't have everything I want, I have been really enjoying my small space. The best part is that it get lots of sun light! Although, I have to say that this is both a blessing and a curse. After spending time preparing for a number of shows last month, my space became very messy. And guess what? The Sun made every little speck of dust visible!! T.T Thankfully, I finally got a chance to clean my desk! I feel so refreshed!! God, I love my space! :D

* Guys, just so you know, English is my second language, so please bear with me if my grammar is weird! :)

Monday, March 8, 2010

A.K.A Turtleneck in progress : (Fear of creativity)

I was working on this piece last week. It's not done yet. It could be a pendant. But deciding which string I am going to use is the hardest decision for me.
I have an idea about the color of the string.  but I haven't found what kinds of materials to use it. I think I need to go shopping for some materials. : )

These days, I have been revisiting my previous materials like velcro and snaps. I am still finding beautiful and interesting things from revisiting these materials and exploring other forms.

When I am not working on my art work, sometimes I have a fear of loosing my creativity. I have a fear of creating new things. This was especially so right after I had graduated from grad school.  Since I was immediately sucked into trying to figure out what I had to do to make a living,  I didn't have any time to work on my studio work. At that time, the feeling was very weird.

However, I started up my online business and I figured out how to balance my business and my art work. So these days, I make time for myself to work on my art work again. I realized as long as I am working on something or making something, fresh and new ideas always come to me, and so the fear is now gone. That moment was very pure and I was happy. From this experience, I got to know myself better. I have to keep working without worrying. : )

* Guys, just so you know, English is my second language, so please bear with me if my grammar is weird! :)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Neckpiece 2010

Before I made the A.K.A Egyptian Neckpiece, I was working on this piece. I can't wait to take shots on the body! It could be a short neckpiece like a choker. I always like to observe my surroundings. My observation is a key to form my piece.

* Guys, just so you know, English is my second language, so please bear with me if my grammar is weird! :)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cero Neckpiece 2010

I was working on this neckpiece.  It's always interesting to look at systems of organization in my surrounding.
Cero in Korean, means "vertical". 

* Guys, just so you know, English is my second language, so please bear with me if my grammar is weird! :)