Monday, March 8, 2010

A.K.A Turtleneck in progress : (Fear of creativity)

I was working on this piece last week. It's not done yet. It could be a pendant. But deciding which string I am going to use is the hardest decision for me.
I have an idea about the color of the string.  but I haven't found what kinds of materials to use it. I think I need to go shopping for some materials. : )

These days, I have been revisiting my previous materials like velcro and snaps. I am still finding beautiful and interesting things from revisiting these materials and exploring other forms.

When I am not working on my art work, sometimes I have a fear of loosing my creativity. I have a fear of creating new things. This was especially so right after I had graduated from grad school.  Since I was immediately sucked into trying to figure out what I had to do to make a living,  I didn't have any time to work on my studio work. At that time, the feeling was very weird.

However, I started up my online business and I figured out how to balance my business and my art work. So these days, I make time for myself to work on my art work again. I realized as long as I am working on something or making something, fresh and new ideas always come to me, and so the fear is now gone. That moment was very pure and I was happy. From this experience, I got to know myself better. I have to keep working without worrying. : )

* Guys, just so you know, English is my second language, so please bear with me if my grammar is weird! :)

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