Saturday, March 20, 2010


After I finished a series of neck pieces made out of beans, I heard that some of my friends from Korea kept saying,"it reminds me of Meju." So finally, I had a chance to look up images of Meju.

This is called Meju in Korean. Meju is a brick of dried soybeans for making sauce like Doen-Jang, soy sauce or Go-chu-Jang(hot pepper paste).

photo :"

After reviewing the images of Meju, my childhood memories came to me. During Chusug, which is like Thanksgiving, I used to go to my relative's house in the countryside of Korea. My grandma used to make Meju and dry them at home. She hung the Meju outside the window, and I didn't like the smell. I couldn't breathe next to the Meju, because the smell was soooooooo stinky! Moreover, I thought Meju was really ugly. However, time went by, I grew up and now I love them. I love the smell, taste, and even the shape and form. I didn't realize that how beautifully they hung. I guess the memory of Meju was deeply embedded in my heart, and it came to me subconsciously as my inspiration while making my pieces.

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