Monday, July 12, 2010

Just updated my website!

Finally, I had a chance to update the website for my spring 2010 work. Please review the website!   If you have any comments on my work, please let me know!

This spring 2010 work is an extension of my previous body of work, Reconfiguring the Ordinary. After graduation, I was left with a limited set of tools and equipments at my home studio. Given the limitations, I focused on a single material, Velcro, which can be freely cut, attached, stacked, piled, rolled, bent and sewn together with my own bare hands or by using simple hand tools. With the material at hand, I began to explore a wide variety of possibilities in form. Given the physical properties afforded by Velcro, I was also able to experiment with the fabrication of unusually large pieces as well. by Yong Joo Kim 

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