Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Reflections and thoughts on my work

Following is a part of my next project proposals I am working on.
After graduation, I took some time to reflect on my graduate school experience. Returning to school gave me a chance to adopt a holly different perspective on the world, and it has had a profound impact on both my work and my working process. I am now looking for another opportunity to change, and to adopt yet another new perspective.

My current working process takes a form similar to the way mankind has explored space, caves, oceans, and new terrains. Instead of thinking about inventing or creating an artifact, I have come to understand creativity as a way to search for, and to discover an insight. Perhaps it is an expansive process no smaller in scale than the evolutionary process that occurs in nature.

Ironically, at the end of this expansive process, I am left with a single final product, a piece of jewelry. Unfortunately for those who view my work at a gallery, this explorative process is never revealed or experienced. I have now begun to wonder how I could communicate this process to an audience. Is it possible to make a set of work intended to share my creative journey with an audience? If so, will the audience empathize with my process? Will they find it as valuable an experience as I?

Archaeologists and Explorers have long been involved in the discovery and exploration of caves in nature. Once discovered and explored, the public also gets to explore these caves to make their own observations on how nature has evolved over time. Like this, as the next step in my practice, I would like to construct an immersive installation that will give the audience a chance to become explorers of my creative process.
I have to do researches on history of biology, evolutionary theory, genetics and ecology. There are so many interesting things that I don't know.




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