Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thinking about my dad

The thoughts of my explorations reminds of my house in Korea. I had been surrounded by many kinds of rocks from my childhoods. This was because of my father. Collecting rocks is my father’s hobby. Collecting rocks can be called as Su Seok in Korean. The meaning of Su Seok is referred for a water-based rock that represent beautiful sceneries of nature specially, mountains, falling water and rivers. My fater was traveling to mountains or valleys in order to discover the beautiful rocks. He wanted to understand the way of nature and the beauty of nature by searching and discoverying unique rocks. For these reasons, my home in Korea was full of rare, unusal, and fasinating rocks. The shapes and forms of the rocks are all differents. After collecting these rocks, my fater stored the rocks with basin and put his efforts and time to shower rocks like shower plants or poslish the rocks. The rocks have been weathered slowly.

Well, I am planning to visit Korea in January 2011. I haven't seen my family for two years!! Since I gained a different perspective on the world, I would love to observe my dad's collection again. Let's see what I can learn from it.

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