Thursday, December 23, 2010

From the studio

So, I have been trimming the edges of my Velcro. I started doing this while I was making a bracelet. The untrimmed edges didn't feel good against my skin, because they were sharp and pointy! So... I began to shape the edges into a smooth half circle.
While creating a round edge was my attempt to solve the problem of comfortability, it's also very interesting to see how the round edges create a different texture when they stack together. Something I didn't expect! :D Although... since I am just using a pair of scissors, it is an extremely labor intensive and time consuming process... However! It's a good thing that I have been enjoying the process so far. :)
Oh! The only thing is that each shape is not perfectly consistent... I guess that is a beauty of working with the hand. :) But if I want to keep a consistent shape and size, I might need to create a customized die-cutter. That way, I will be able to achieve consistency across all my work... And also save some time! ;) Well, let's see what I can do! : ) 

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