Thursday, March 3, 2011

Not knowing

Finally, I had a chance to visit Korea after spending 2 years in the U.S. I was soooooo happy to see my family and my old friends! I had many many great foods, especially my mom's cooking.

After three weeks, now I am back in Providence, spending time alone to think. Being alone always makes me think. I am reflecting on how difficult it was to live in the U.S by myself at first. I remember being alone and lonely. I can't believe I actually made it through the two years of graduate school, not to mention the two years that followed. I had no idea how difficult it was going to be to live in a different country, and I think not knowing was what allowed me to decide to come to the U.S.
But as I grow up, I think I am getting more and more life experiences, and as I get to know more, my fear is also getting bigger. I feel so vulnerable. I desire more and more certainty in life. But at the same time, if I knew what I was going to be and what was going to happen, would it still be fun to live? So much thoughts in my head.

Images taken on my flight to Korea. 

A part of Russia.. I guess I was close to the Arctic. It was STUNNING!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Seen with my jewelry: Meredith


A few days ago, I stumbled upon this image on
This image is from the LOOT opening night at the Museum of Arts and Design. Meredith Bernstein, a veteran literary agent, is wearing my Velcro neckpiece!! I remember showing her my pieces, and she became one of my private collectors. 
It is very different feeling, since it is a rare experience to see that someone is wearing my work in a public space. It's fresh to look at it without my body and a gallery setting. This image reminds me of one paragraph in my thesis book. 

Magdalena Ringels states, “What is so wonderful with jewelry is that it has a public arena beyond the white-washed gallery walls. This is something that few other art forms have.” I feel privileged to be able to create work that can become so intimately involved in the wearers’ everyday lives. I hope the work I create can provide an everlasting experience that reminds the wearer of the possibility of being dazzled by new ways of thinking, doing, and being. - Reconfiguring the Ordinary by Yong Joo Kim
Finally, I feel like my work became alive and more complete. So I wanted to share this photo and my thoughts with you all. Hope you all enjoy it! Thank you again, Meredith, for your supports!