Saturday, April 23, 2011

"Recontextualizing the Found Object" Exhibition

I have just received some images from the exhibition called "Recontextualizing the Found Object" at the Martha Gault Art Gallery, Slippery Rock University in PA.
It is so wonderful to see the installation images with other artists' work. I was pleased to have been a part of the show. Sean Macmillan who was the Juror and the director of the exhibition, wrote "The show was a profound success. We have received great feedback and had a tremendously high turnout." Also he will be able to compile the catalog of the show. That is awesome news! I will be looking forward to having the catalog with all the great pieces.

Here are some overview pictures of the installation space.

If you look closely, you can see my art work in the center of the image below. It is inside the vitrine next to the brownish piece.

It's so small. Here is the bigger version.

Here is the participating the artists for the show. 

Emily Watson, Columbus, OH                
Rob Jackson, Athens, GA            
Yong Joo Kim, Providence, RI
Amelia Toelke, Madison, WI               
Tara Philips, Toronto, Canada      
Lisa Johnson, Bloomington, IN
Wesley Harvey, San Antonio, TX           
Ray Ogar, Little Rock AR           
Ronald Gonzalez, Johnson City, NY
Melissa Cameron, Victoria, Australia     
Barbara Knuth, Seattle, WA         
John Whitfill, Lubbock, TX
Renee Zettle-Sterling, Cooperville, MI   
Robly Glover, Lubbock, TX          
Nicole Burns, Lindenwood, NJ
Laura Wood, Greenville, NC               
Chader McDonah, Tempe, AZ          
Abigail Heuss, Greenville, NC

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