Thursday, April 7, 2011

Green Tea

I bought this green tea for myself from the O'sulloc Tea Museum in JeJu Island while I was in Korea. You know, I am the only one who take care of my health. So while I was visiting the O'sulloc Tea Museum and watching the roasting process of green tea and tasted it, I felt like the green tea was the most wonderful tea and I had to buy and drink it to get healthy. How funny to have an excuse. : ) So, I brought it to the U.S. 
I got the impression that my tea would taste wonderful if I drank it out of this tea set. So I wish I could have the fabulous handmade ceramic tea set but the price of the tea set was about $500 while the green tea package was about $15. In addition, I was aware that I don't reallllly need them to drink the tea. Even though I kept the green tea here in the U.S, I didn't drink until yesterday. Because I was looking for the tea strainer. : )  
Why I feel like I need to buy something in order to do something? This kind of thoughts recollected my old memories. When I wanted to practice Yoga, I felt like I should buy the Yoga mat. When I wanted to jog, I felt like I should buy the running shoes. So I decided to look around what I have at my place and found these. My tea presentation looks not as good as the tea set. But the taste was so much better than I expected. It's funny to see how my feelings change depending on my attitude.

This is the green tea that I bought from the O'sulloc Tea Museum:
Photo_apr_07_4_15_18_am Photo_apr_07_4_14_29_am

This is my alternative tea strainer:
Photo_apr_07_4_16_29_am_copy Photo_apr_07_4_14_49_am_copy

These images were taken from the O'sulloc Tea Musem in Korea:
Dsc07877 Dsc07884 Dsc07885 Picture_30

These tea cups are from around 1500-2000 years ago:

This is the tea roasting process:

This tea set costs around $500.

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