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Interview with Milk X Hong Kong Magazine

A couple months ago, I had an interview with Milk X magazine. Milk X is a high fashion, lifestyle, art and design magazine published in Hong Kong. The April 2011 issue came out. A friend of mine sent it to me from Hong Kong! The only thing is that all of my interview has been translated into Chinese. So I had to ask my friend to figure out what the questions were. Anyway, I am so glad to have a copy of the magazine! Thank you, Sue!



Here is the original interview description in English.

Q. Please briefly introduce yourself, like your background and your subject
A. My name is Yong Joo Kim (金容柱 , hangul: 김용주). I am an artist and founder/owner of Sublime Experiment (
As an artist I work with objects we encounter everyday that often go unnoticed, such as beans, straws, cable ties, and Velcro. Through a process of co-evolution, I try to understand them for what they are, and work toward bringing out their true value.

Q. Is there any difference between your SS11 collection and previous collections? Any breakthrough?
A. I have been making continuous improvements to the way I handle my materials. In the latest collection I have begun to pay more attention to comfort. For example, I have been rounding the edges of my Velcro, which smoothes out the edges. This is especially important for bracelets that slide up and down your arm. After I started rounding the edges, I noticed the different kind of texture it creates when stacked. This was a nice surprise, and I was able to incorporate this new texture to come up with new designs.

Q. Is there anything you haven’t been able to do yet but would like to do?
A. So far my work is experienced as an object or a series of objects. I would now like to communicate and share the process that brought about these objects. I think of this process as being similar to natural evolution. Except that it is more focused (and faster as a result) because of human intervention. I’m interested in exploring this process itself. I hope to create a set of sculptural installations with this process as the concept. I wonder what the audience would feel as they experience such an installation. Would it be similar to that of an archeologist exploring underground caves that came about as part of a natural evolution? What would I learn from exploring this process? I don’t know. I am very curious.

Q. How do you work – from sketches etc. - or do you just start the crafting process?
A. I start from the crafting process. I find that working directly with materials is the best way to be surprised. This moment of surprise is important for me, because I am constantly trying to go beyond what I know, and what I am comfortable with. I find it hard to be surprised by my own sketches.

Q. Can you pick one as the Must Have Item in your SS11 collection?
A. I have recently made a new piece called “Mara Mejo”. They are earrings produced as part of my Sublime Experiment production line. It is a piece most people seem to have a comfortable time finding themselves in, regardless of age.

Q. Which design or project has given you the most satisfaction?
A. In school, I had to make 100 rings in one-week. The project not only got me warmed up, but also helped me learn what it means to have an open-mind. I felt transformed after the project.

Q. Who is your favorite designer?
A. Frank Lloyd Wright. I had a chance to visit his work, Fallingwater, near Pittsburgh in PA. Fallingwater was absolutely beautiful with the integration with the striking natural surroundings. The house is well-known for its connection to the site; it is built on top of an active waterfall which flows beneath the house. I still remember the sounds of nature. It is so vivid.

Q. Who/What inspire you most in the creative process?
A. The culture and the environment I’m in at the time is the biggest source of inspiration. When I was little, I was surrounded by all sorts of different rocks my dad collected from traveling to rivers and mountains. I also followed him on these excavations. You can visibly see how the aesthetics of these experiences is reflected in my work. In Providence, I was surrounded by trees filled with leaves in the summer, then left bare in the winter. You can visible see how these aesthetics are reflected in some of my work as well.

Thanks for reading!

* Guys, just so you know, English is my second language, so please bear with me if my grammar is weird! :)

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