Tuesday, May 24, 2011

RISD Collection 2011

Last saturday, I went to see the RISD collection, which is the Apparel Design Department’s popular fashion show. My first time to see the fashion show was 3 years ago! Time flies!!! I got the ticket so late so it was not the best seat but it was worth watching!!

It was especially interesting to see some of the selected collections that were made from recycling materials like burlap, feathers, gears and tapes etc. I guess those garments were created in response to the Re- Innovative Design class where students explored the properties of recycled materials other than fabric while creating a wearable piece. The Re-Innovative Design class reminds me of the New Jewelry class that I taught last year. It's always interesting to see how the raw materials transform into unexpected and beautiful pieces.

Here are some images from the collection 2011.

My favorite pieces from the senior collection are shown below. I like the color combination of grey, red and mustard color! : )I can't remember the artist's names. Sorry about that!

Also, the green color collection was wonderful!

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