Sunday, October 30, 2011

Artist Lecture at Rhode Island College


Last Thursday, I gave a lecture to a group of jewelry students at Rhode Island College (RIC). I was a guest artist invited by Dianne Reilly, the head of the Jewelry department at RIC. 

In the beginning, there were a couple technical problems with the projector, which made me very nervous. But Luckily, it worked out eventually. Flustered, I took a deep breath, looked around the room and started my presentation. After a couple minutes, my breathing went back to normal and I was able to make eye contact with one of the students. I was not sure whether I was doing well or not. But when I got a few more eye contacts with different students, I regained a sense of confidence to keep going.

My presentation took around 30-35 minutes. Afterwards, we had time for questions and answers. Surprisingly, several students put their hands up. I started to answer the first questions. After my answer, the students kept asking me more and more questions. Everyone seemed to listen very careful when I made eye contact with them. Some of the questions were very interesting and thoughtful. I didn't realize how much time we spent while I was answering their questions. By the time we wrapped up, I realized that 30 minutes had already passed. Having many questions about me and my work was highly encouraging. I felt that I actually communicated with them and they understood my story. It gave me a positive energy to keep working forward. 

After the Q&A, I met with 9 students individually to critique their work. It was very interesting to have discussions with them. While I was meeting with one of the students, she told me, "I really got a lot from your critique. I am glad to have a fresh perspective on my work!" I was also very glad that I was helpful.

It has been two years since I finished my graduate program. After graduation, there were not many chances to present my work or to review other people’s work. I am so grateful to have this opportunity.

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