Friday, June 15, 2012

Yong Joo Kim and Aki Ichiriki: Twist

Gallery C.A.J invited me to participate in an exhibition called, Twist: an exhibition of two artist, Yong Joo Kim and Aki Ichiriki. Gallery C.A.J is based in Kyoto, Japan. If you are around in Kyoto, please check this out for me. : )

More info:

Monday, June 4, 2012

[Part I] Photo Shoot with Olivia Culpo, Miss U.S.A!

I have been meaning to write about this photography session from last year and the lazy me has finally gotten around to it. Why? There was a big motivation to get me to edit and release the photos. Can you guess what it is???

Soooooo, last night our model, Miss Rhode Island Olivia Culpo, just won the Miss U.S.A crown and will represent the United States in this year's Miss Universe pageant!!!!!! I was so trilled to watch the moment that she won the crown!!!!!!!!  She is absolutely beautiful, sweet and smart!! CONGRATULATIONS OLIVIA!!!! I'm so happy for you and so proud that you are the Miss USA 2012!!

I am especially proud of her for answering the question "Would you feel it would be fair that a transgender woman wins the Miss USA title over a natural-born woman?" by saying
"I do think that that would be fair but I can understand that people would be a little apprehensive to take that road because there is a tradition of natural-born women, but today where there are so many surgeries and so many people out there who have a need to change for a happier life, I do accept that because I believe it's a free country."
Now, here she is wearing my neckpieces!!!

[Reconfiguring the Ordinary : Twist Looped and Attached / Neckpiece made of hook and loop fastener by Yong Joo Kim.]

[Reconfiguring the Ordinary: Twist Looped and Linked / Neckpiece made of hook and loop fastener by Yong Joo Kim.]

I also wanted to especially thank my photographer Daniel Gagnon who took these beautiful photos. Without him this photography session never would have happened. I would also like to thank Bethany Mechan for the Hair and Jessica Galbreath Berndt for the Makeup. : )

More photos are coming! Please stay tuned!