Friday, July 20, 2012

Press Release: Niche award winning artist Yong Joo Kim launches a Kickstarter project to introduce a new body of wearable art objects

( 한글 보도자료를 원하시는 분은 이 링크를 눌러주십시요. )

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Providence, Rhode Island—Friday July 20, 2012—Niche award winning artist Yong Joo Kim today launched a Kickstarter project to introduce a new body of wearable art objects made primarily of hand-cut, hand-assembled, and hand-sewn Velcro® brand hook-and-loop fasteners. (Pictured below)

Yong Joo describes the design of unique and light weight wearable art objects —consisting of earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, and brooches— as having emerged from sincere empathy and persistent trust in the hidden potential of a seemingly ordinary material. She compares this process as being similar to the kind of trust endowed to a student by a great teacher to bring out their full potential.

This body of work is being introduced as part of a larger project titled Sublime Experiment, a small business platform designed to explore how artists can more proactively engage with the public in order to provoke meaningful conversations around concepts of trust, beauty, and value.

Yong Joo says she believes that "art objects in social contexts, can provoke us to ask questions, change the way we understand the world, and uncover the beauty in ourselves and others, be it raw material or people."

The project will live on the Kickstarter website until Sep 18, 2012 with the goal of raising $10,000 to cover the production of custom eco-friendly packaging for the objects as well as custom tooling for the silver earring posts. 

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About Yong Joo Kim
Yong Joo is an MFA graduate from the Rhode Island School of Design in Jewelry and Metalsmithing. In 2012, she received the Niche award as a winner in Jewelry: Sculpture to Wear. In 2011, she received the Adrianna Farrelli Prize for Excellence in Fiber Art from the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Her work has been internationally exhibited at museums and galleries in New York, Boston, Chicago, Miami, Philadelphia, Seattle, Sydney, Firenze, Kyoto and Seoul. Her work has also been selected as part of the prestigious Museum of Arts and Design’s (MAD) permanent collection. Samples of her most recent work can be found below. For more, please visit:

Reconfiguring the Ordinary: Twist Looped and Linked / Hook and loop fastener

Reconfiguring the Ordinary: Twist Looped and Attached / Hook and loop fastener, Thread

In Light of Space: Overlapped and Twice Spiraled (Left) / In Light of Space: Overlapped and Once Spiraled (Right) / Grey Hook and loop fastener, Thread

Reconfiguring the Ordinary: Twist Looped, Pressed and Attached / Hook and loop fastener, Thread 

[Photo Credits] Modeled by Olivia Culpo / Photography by Daniel Gagnon / Makeup by Jessica Galbreath Berndt / Hair by Bethany Mechan

To request more information, or hi-res images, please contact Yong Joo Kim

Sublime Experiment
Providence, RI

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