Friday, August 17, 2012

Rediscovering Beauty (아름다움의 재발견)

My second interview with Sublime Experiment on how beauty can arise from mundane or ordinary materials through trust and empathy.

 "I thought the path to beauty was through hiding and fixing myself. But what I learned through my work is that if I can stick with these mundane or ordinary materials for long enough by trusting that they'll eventually show me their true colors, I can always discover a set of characteristics I didn't know they had." - Yong Joo Kim

 "예전에는 제 자신의 부족한 부분을 고치고 감추어야만 아름다울 수 있다고 생각했어요... 근데 예술작업을 통해서 깨달은 것은 아무리 보잘 것 없는 재료도 그 것이 가지고 있는 특성을 부곽시키면 저절로 아름다워진다는 것 이였어요" - 김용주

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